Terrapin FTP

Terrapin FTP 2.3.2

Simple FTP client with macros


  • Supports drag and drop
  • Allows you to record macros for common movements


  • Interface is very plain - no alternative skins

Very good

Terrapin FTP can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Windows FTP Clients.

Terrapin FTP is designed with comprehensive full functionality in mind. It's also highly suitable for beginners as it features a superb web wizard which takes you thorough those first nervous steps of uploading files to your website by FTP for the first time. With Terrapin FTP transferring files - whether uploading or downloading - it's simply a matter of dragging and dropping. You can even synchronize whole directories in one drag drop operation. The Terrapin Interface gives you a comprehensive view of what's going on at all times and file indicators mean that you can see whether files have changed at a glance.

You can build your own custom commands, reconcile entire directory structures with the click of a button, perform inter-server transfers by a simple drag and drop operation. This is perhaps one of the nicest features - just drag and drop as you would with explorer although it's not that unusual for an FTP server. The most unique feature is that fact that you can use macros to record and save a series of FTP transactions. These can then be re-played in one on-line session as many times and whenever you wish. However in practice this gets quite fiddly and there's not really much call for it anyway.

This is an excellent FTP server for both beginners and advanced users with tons of interesting options to explore.

Terrapin FTP is an FTP client packed with features to enable you use FTP to its fullest. Its intuitive interface means transferring files couldn't be easier. In addition unique functions make uploading and managing your website quick and simple.

Terrapin FTP comes with a unique Web upload wizard which takes you through the process of uploading your website step by step. With the click of a button Terrapin can check your internal and external links and even correct any errors if you wish. The various upload options make synchronizing your website effortless.

Terrapin FTP


Terrapin FTP 2.3.2

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